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Premium Auto Sealant

Premium Auto Sealant

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How Does it Work?

Premium Auto Sealant is installed easily through the valve stem the average installation time per tire is a few minutes per tire. Once the vehicle is driven, the sealant fluid expands to cover the entire inner lining and rim to be evenly coated with sealant. The adhesive properties keep the solution in place at all times, ready to seal any air leak.

Premium Auto Sealant Keeps Your Tires Up and Your Costs Down.

This tire sealing ability makes greater dollar savings possible from:

  • Increased tread service life.
  • Lower maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Improved fuel economy.

Under-Inflation is the enemy air loss can come from:

  • Tread Area Punctures.
  • Rim and Bead imperfections.
  • Natural porosity of rubber tires and tubes.
  • Flawed liners and tubes.

The quality and performance of Premium Auto Sealant, is unmatched by any other product in protecting against flats, blowouts and air loss. We use only the highest grade ingredients available today. Premium Auto Sealant is environmentally safe, and we use state of the art manufacturing equipment to manufacture a product that meets the highest safety and quality standards. Each stage of production is monitored and inspected to meet the highest performance possible in a tire sealant. While there are other tire sealant products on the market today, none have the exclusive formula and ingredients contained in Premium Auto Sealant.

  • Easy to install
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic & Non-hazardous
  • Water-soluble

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