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Skin Care
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305GM’s skin care Moisturizer Cream is designed for all skin types. This moisturizer will hydrate your skin on a daily basis. Not only is there an immediate effect but continuous use for 2 weeks will maximize the benefits for soft lush skin. Our Moisturizer is made with a variety of ingredients known for their moisturizing and soothing qualities. Glycerin softens and moisturizes skin, Aloe Vera gel is an anti-inflammatory and soothing gel, Sweet almond oil for nourishing skin and fighting acne, cucumber extract to soothes puffy skin and ginseng root extract to tone and brightens Your skin. Feel soft, supple and refreshed like never before, you wont want to stop using it to:

  • Moisturizes
  • Softens dry patches
  • Protects skin health
  • Hydrates to diminish fine lines

Ingredients Include:

  • Glycerin to softens and moisturizes skin
  • Aloe Vera gel is for calming and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sweet almond oil nourishes and fights acne
  • Cucumber extract soothes puffy skin
  • Ginseng root extract tones and brightens skin