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There is no doubt that the Earth is suffering from the effects of human activity around the world. Some scientists state that Global Warming is a period of natural warming and that the emissions that people pump into the atmosphere in today’s world is contributing to the accelerating of the warming. 305GM is taking the initiative to reduce the impact of human contamination on planet Earth. The planet we share deserves our care, and 305GM is committed to this global challenge.

Go2Wash has four different products. These products are all unique but share some of the same qualities and characteristics. For example, they are resourceful, long-lasting, water-resistant, harmless, removes all dirt and residue 100% guaranteed, and much more!

Rubber & Trim:

  • Rubber & Trim is the ultimate protection for your tires. It is ready to use; no mixing no mess.
  • Revitalizes all color exterior trim, bumpers, and guards.
  • Removes oxidation, dirt, waxy residue, and surface film.
  • Protects against sun, smog, ozone, and water.
  • Long-lasting water-resistant finish.
  • Will not harm wheels or brown them out.


Carpet & Upholstery is a heavily concentrated tri-solvent emulsifier that gives optimum cleaning results on all types of carpet and upholstery. For use on all types of fabric including wool, nylon, and other synthetic blends.

  • Clear, non-greasy, no runs or drips.
  • Ultra-black, glossy wet look.*Water- Resistant.
  • Gives shine.
  • Oil-free, won’t brown out carpet or furniture.


Clear View is an amazing anti-fogging window and mirror treatment. This liquid improves visibility for safer driving and it can also save you time in the mornings when your windshield is foggy or frozen.

  • Fog-free.
  • Keeps your vision crystal clear.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Cleans dirt and any type of chemicals.

Wax & Wash:

  • Wax & Wash is a product based on natural vegetable waxes, fully diode-gradable, which lets you create a new concept in washing vehicles.
  • Eliminates or reduces water consumption from 400 to 500 liters of water per vehicle.
  • Reduces the space needed to wash a vehicle, allowing us to wash our vehicle any time or place.
  • Its secret formula will not scratch the delicate surface of the vehicle, as each application encapsulates dirt particles with a protective layer of wax.
  • With Wax & Wash it doesn’t matter how it’s applied back & forth, up & down, circles, diagonally, waiting to dry in the sun, it’s your choice!

2 Microfibers:

Microfiber is a textile product made from ultrafine fibers that give it a series of properties superior to other fabrics. Microfiber is used to produce non-woven, woven, and knitted textiles. The shape, size and combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, durability, electrodynamics, and filtering capabilities.

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