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Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides

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Containing 19 amino acids, Collagen Peptides are enzymatically formulated for enhanced bio availability and absorption to support bone and joint health, strengthen hair, skin, and nails, and benefit the body's overall cellular structure. Free of many allergens including soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, sweeteners, shellfish, and sugar. This supplement is also free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, chemicals, color additives, or preservatives. Benefits include:

  • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Supports bones and joints
  • Unflavored and stirs in easily and dissolves quickly

Combine one scoop (included) into 16 to 24 fl oz of room temperature water and mix thoroughly; Collagen peptides will clump in cold water to enjoy cold add ice when mixed.